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This Father Surprises his Three Daughters At School To Give Them Flowers On Valentine’s Day 

Some people say that a father’s job is not to teach their daughters how to be a lady, but to teach them how a lady should be treated. That’s exactly what this doting father did this Valentine’s day when he visits her three young daughters at school and made them experience the joy of receiving flowers on this special day.

In a recent post shared by Philippine Star on Facebook, Chi Martillo the father knew that it will just be a matter of time before his daughters experience having suitors, that’s why he has decided to be the first person to give flowers to his three daughters on Valentine’s day.

Photo credit: Chi Martillo | Facebook   

In his Facebook account, Chi Martillo photos of her three daughters while receiving the Ecuadorian roses ordered by his wife, Au.

Photo credit: Chi Martillo | Facebook   

The post has a caption that says, “I love you so much, guys!! I hope I made your day.”

The father knocked in each classroom of his three daughters and gave each one of them the expensive set of flowers he and his wife personally bought.

By looking at the photos, it appears that they were really surprised and happy receiving the sweet gift from their dad. In fact, two of them cried, while his eldest daughter seems to hold back her tears while posing for a picture.

Photo credit: Chi Martillo | Facebook   

As of this writing, his post has garnered 1.4 reactions and 129 shares on Facebook.

Photo credit: Chi Martillo | Facebook 

According to Chi, it was his wife’s idea to surprise their daughters. He and his wife had to skip work for a bit to get the flowers they bought at an impressive flower shop. Then he went to the girl’s school to give the box of flowers as their first Valentine.

Photo credit: Chi Martillo | Facebook 

“My wife figured it would be best for them to experience the thrill of receiving gifts from their Dad, their first Valentine, so they would not be easily impressed by gifts from other boys when the ‘right’ time comes. It’ll somehow help them focus on their character,” he shared in an article by SmartParenting.

The cost of the flowers is impressive as well, because the doting father wants to set the bar high for his three daughters’ future suitors, so when the time comes that they would offer them flowers, they would scoff and smile and say to themselves, “this was nothing compared to what my Dad gave us during Valentine’s day”.

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