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This Barkada Goes on an 18-Day Trip to 5 Countries To Celebrate Their 5 Years of Friendship

It’s no secret that traveling is the ultimate friendship goal that many of us dream. However, planning for travel is also challenging because it’s hard to get everyone together physically because of many reasons. That is also why a lot of people joke about the travel plan ending up as “puro drawing” which means that they never really come true.

But this group of friends is currently making rounds on social media after they achieved a dream they planned 5 years ago–to travel to another country for a vacation. But that’s not all, they were able to achieve that with not just one country but five. They went to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand!

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Last February 17, Jocel Guden shared photos of their out of the country trip in a Facebook post that instantly caught the attention of the netizens.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

In her now viral post, she wrote a lengthy caption that says:

“Celebrating 5 years of friendship in 5 Countries for 18days with my best friends ASIATRIP 2019

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Dream ko talagang makapag ibang bansa para mag OFW pero never in my wildest dream sumagi sa isip ko na imbis trabaho ang ipupunta ko, bakasyon kasama ng barkada ko. Life is truly amazing and full of surprises! Dati akala ko chinacharot lang ako nung bestfriend ko na nagsabing 5 years from now magbabakasyon daw kami sa ibang bansa.”

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Who would have thought 5 years later magkakasama nga kaming magbabakasyon not only 1 but 5 countries.”

According to her post, they only dream to travel to another country, but they were able to travel not just one country but five. What’s more impressive is that they were truly able to do what they had planned 5 years ago.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

“Solid yung barkadang hindi puro drawing yung ganap talagang tinototoo yung pangako, kaya masasabi ko lang “Okay ng onti basta lahat tunay.”

She also shared that making such a trip come true is so difficult these days, because there are plenty of things that could stop them from reaching their goals, such as work or other commitments. But they did their best to finally make their dream come to reality.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

“Nakita namin yung iba’t ibang culture, kung gano kaganda tong mundong to at kasaya ng magkakasama. Sobrang dami mo pa palang dapat makita sa mundong to.”

For 18 days, they were able to experience and enjoy different cultures abroad.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

“Gala sa umaga, night life sa gabi! Sobrang nasulit ko yung PTO leave ko sa work talagang pumasok ako ng new year at pasko maapprove lang yung leave hehehehe.”

“Sana madami pang magbabarkada katulad namin yung makapag travel ng magkakasama sobrang solid!”


Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Jocel also said that all of them made some adjustments and tried their best to surpass those challenges. They saved money and worked extra harder just so their bosses would allow them to go on a straight leave. The results of all their efforts can be seen in their viral photos.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

“Thankyou bff’s sa pag organize ng lahat tamang bigay lang ako ng passport i.d sila talaga ng setup ng lahat tamang palamuti lang ako ng barkada guys charot Chester Torres, Kendra Dalida, Ode-Kljiendr Inocencio Demagante, Christine Torres, Romnick Del Mundo”

As of this writing the viral post has gained about 42,000 reactions, 54,000 shares and 65,000 comments from netizens who were so impressed that they were able to achieve this major travel goal.

source: buzzooks

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