Why Some Women Don’t Bleed the First Time They Had Made Love? Here’s the Reason

Most people think that the only way to know if a girl is still a virgin is by bleeding during her first contact with a man. Well in some cases this is not that accurate, and people are somewhat misguided to this notion.

It doesn’t mean that a girl is not a virgin if they did not bleed during their first intimate contact with a man. This article will help you to understand more about the myth of female virginity.

Why Doesn’t Most Women Bleed During Their First Time?

It is a common belief in most parts of Asia and Africa that women who don’t bleed in their first time experience mean that they are not virgin anymore. This is not factual at all because there are certain things that must be pointed out in regards to this particular question.

It is significant to learn more about the hymen which is an important part of the women that defines the female virginity. The hymen is a tissue membrane that covers the vaginal opening which is attached to the vaginal wall.

It is essential to know first that the hymen does not always tend to block or cover the entire area of the vagina. Some women also do not have a hymen which some people clearly didn’t know.

The hymen usually differs from woman to women in such forms and features. They differ in their sizes, shapes, and textures that’s why there are some of the hymens are thin, and some are also thick. So if they have a little or none, they will not eventually won’t have any bleeding while having their first intimate encounter with a guy.

Some women also have larger hymens and cover a large portion of the vaginal opening that’s why there also some women who do a hard time at their first time.

In other people, some hymen also wears out on its own as women grow up. For some women that do a lot of physical activities and strenuous workload, there are instances that their hymen eventually wear out on its own.

These physical activities could be distinguished as horseback riding, bicycling, and even dancing. It could also wear-off if girls often use tampons when menstruating.

A woman born without a hymen would probably don’t bleed for their first sxual contact. Based on a research study that was published in the British Medical Journal, at least 63% of women will not bed for their first sxual contact.

Women who often bleeds while having intimate contact with a man does have a thick hymen especially younger girls. It has proven that a 16-year old girl would have a higher chance of bleeding than a 25-year old lady because the hymen wears away on its own.

But most often, women only tend to bleed because they are dealt roughly during s_x. If a man forcefully tries to put himself inside a girl, he is likely the one who causes injury of bleeding. A girl must be sxually aroused and relaxed before having sxual ¦ntercourse to avoid severe injuries in her vaginal wall.

Most people think that it is typical for women to bleed out but it is rarely because their hymen gets ruptured. They do not realize it, but the bleeding is caused because the woman gets hurt and not by the breaking of their hymen.

It is tough to measure to assess the virginity of women because bleeding doesn’t have anything to do with virginity. It is possible that it may be relatively connected with the integrity of their hymen but is essential to know that all hymens are different from person to person.

It is important to be acutely aware of these things because most women all over the world get abused and ridiculed with this myth. Women often get a lot of judgment and insults because of this notion for women. The primary goal of this article is to provide education for most people who still believe in this kind of logic.

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