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Surfing Instructor Marries an English Woman; They’re Love Story Go Viral on Social Media

Fair skin complexion, tall skinny bud, silky blonde hair, and many more princess-like attributes are with this lady from Manchester, England. Her name is Polly Alexandria Robinson.

Polly was a tourist in the Bali, Indonesia seeking for some relaxation and adventurous experience for her vacation last August 17, 2017.

She had a great time and fell in love with the place, and left her heart at it. Moreover, the memories she had was meeting her husband, Karna Redheya. He was the opposite of all the physical characteristics Polly has. Karna Redheya was a surfing instructor and own a restaurant named Luku Kitchen in Bali.

Photo credit: Facebook / Polly Alexandria Robinson

The couple had a fast-growing relationship as friends and later on as a lover. Their hobbies are almost the same as to each other making them more compatible everytime they meet.

The connection between the two is close every day that passes. Polly headed back to England, and they had a long distance relationship, but it ended Polly decided to get back at Bali to marry Karna. Polly also converted to Islam to be married to Karna on the boy’s hometown in Magelang, Indonesia. It was a traditional Muslim wedding that happened last December 16.

Photo credit: Facebook / Polly Alexandria Robinson

Karna’s family members and friends are there to witness the couple’s special day. Unfortunately, there was no one from Polly’s family that is present at the ceremony because of various acceptable reasons. According to Polly, she received her parental blessing to marry Karna before going to Indonesia.

Photo credit: Facebook / Polly Alexandria Robinson

Photo credit: Facebook / Polly Alexandria Robinson

Their wedding photos have gone viral and many called Karna lucky for marrying a foreigner wife, as beautiful like Polly. They might call it luck, but it will always be the love that they both have that makes them unique.

source: buzzooks

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