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Remember Rica Peralejo? This Is Her Explanation Why She Chose to Leave Her Successful Showbiz Career

Its been a couple of years since we last heard about Rica Peralejo. A lot of people may have forgotten about her, but she is definitely one of the most brilliant and beautiful stars of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic talent.

She is a sensational TV actress, a renowned singer and primed TV host. Rica started her career at the age of 13 and been starred in some popular youth-oriented shows such as “TGIS” and “Gimik.”

Rica got happily married to a pastor, Joseph Bonifacio, in 2010. She wanted to quit her showbiz career after getting married because she wanted to focus on her family. She is currently working as a blogger and asserts that she enjoys a great life being a full-time mom and wife.

Photo credits: ricaperalejo | Instagram

Rica told in her previous interview with Kris Aquino that she wanted to quit showbiz before engaging in a married life. She desired to give her family her utmost affection and time that’s why she left her previous career as an artist.

Photo credits: ricaperalejo | Instagram

Although she could still work as an artist while focusing on her family by optimizing her time, she believed that she could only achieve it only by leaving her career and she has known from the start that it is the best thing for her.

Photo credits: ricaperalejo | Instagram

Even though it was meant for her, she also told in her interview that she is not closing her door in a chance to get back in the show business. But for now, she really centers her life with her family. She wanted to set the foundation of her life based on the Bible and trusts the wisdom of God in all of His plans for her which includes her return in the limelight of show business.

Photo credits: ricaperalejo | Instagram

Rica said that she is busy for being an active church member and blogging. She also inspires many people by writing books about God and her knowledge about understanding their Christian faith to draw them towards salvation and the grace of God.

She shared that she is blessed in any way that she sees herself as of today through her faith in God. She proving a wonderful family

Photo credits: ricaperalejo | Instagram

Rica Peralejo shared she is happy and feeling blessed with the kind of life that she now has.

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