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Most-Awaited Reunion of Tricycle Driver and Cheating Wife Happens on Raffy Tulfo in Action

Avid viewers of Raffy Tulfo in Action had been following the story of a poor tricycle driver named Charlie Lozada from Polomoloc, South Cotabato for the past days.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

His wife, Sherlyn Gerasta Lozada, engaged in an extramarital affair with an engineer while working in Saudi Arabia. To make matters worse, Sherlyn chose her lover after their son asked her to pick between them.

Together with his five children, Charlie went to the program’s studio, hoping to rebuild his family and asking for help to reunite his children with their mom. Raffy sought help from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to make sure Sherlyn was brought back to the Philippines as soon as possible after her husband made an appeal to the show. Arnell Ignacio, OWWA Deputy Administrator, then got Sherlyn from her employer and immediately processed her exit visa.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

The family was reunited a day after Sherlyn arrived in the Philippines. Instead of a happy reunion, tears flowed because of sadness as the children expressed how they missed their mother and hoped that they would be a whole family again.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

However, despite Charlie’s pleas, Sherlyn refused and said that she only came back for her children and would not reconcile with her husband. She went on to accuse him of several things which Raffy disregarded upon hearing the husband’s defense. Meanwhile, many netizens got furious after learning that Sherlyn seemed to love the man she cheated with way more than she ever loved her legal husband.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

To console the brokenhearted husband, Raffy promised to help Charlie earn a living by getting him his own tricycle. Finally, the TV anchor allowed the husband to decide whether he would get all his kids or let his wife have them. He also reminded the social worker to evaluate the situation and consider everything that Sherlyn had done.

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