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Meet The Beautiful Daughter of Anjo Yllana Who Caught the Attention of Netizens on Social Media

Anjo Yllana is one of the famous comedian actors in his generation, he built a tremendous number of fans all through his career, he makes millions of Filipino laughs through his hundreds of comedy movies.

Anjo Yllana is not just an actor but also a humble and loving father to his very gorgeous daughter. At first, glance who would think that this young woman is already a professional model? Well, Let’s know more about the gorgeous daughter of Anjo named Mikaela Yllana.

Photo credits: mikaelayllana | Instagram

Mikaela Yllana is a very friendly and adventurous young lady who loves to go out with her friends and enjoy her youth. At her young age, she already built a large army of followers on her social media account. She always updating her status about the things that she usually does especially when she is with her family and friends and having fun on different occasions.

Photo credits: mikaelayllana | Instagram

This beautiful young lady is only 20, she recently turns 18 last 2016. With her mature and bold looks who would’ve thought that this pretty young girl is already 18 years old? For sure this pretty young lady has a large number of admirers.

Photo credits: mikaelayllana | Instagram

Her debut was recently held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, who attended by her family, close friends and some celebrities closed to her family. Her debut was a star-studded wearing a red off-shoulder gown.

Photo credits: mikaelayllana | Instagram

Yllana is not just beautiful and attractive she is also a very intelligent person who can prove to all that her knowledge is above her beauty. She recently graduated her high school in Meriam College, Quezon City and continued her College at Ateneo de Manila University.

Photo credits: mikaelayllana | Instagram

She really has a natural beauty that can attract many people, with her parent’s celebrity genes there is no question that this young lady would follow the steps of her parents. But as of now, Mikaela is focused on her studies and only she could tell if she has plans to enter the showbiz industry and follow her parent’s footsteps.

Isn’t she lovely? Did she capture your attention? What are your thoughts about the beautiful daughter of Anjo Yllana? feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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