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Look: Son Builds 2-Storey Home For His Family Based On Father’s Blueprint Design

After five years of hardship and sacrifices, this loving son inspired many people with his story on how he managed to build his family’s dream house based on the blueprint that his own father designed.

Randy Oliverio, who hails from San Antonio, Northern Samar grew up with his family in a Nipa hut that has a roof that would leak when it rains, that’s why back in 2014, he made a promise that it would be the last time that he’s going to see their home in such conditions,

“Ito na ang huling beses na makikita ko ang bahay namin na maraming tapal dahil sa butas.”

Based on his recent post on Facebook, during his childhood days, he would often see his father doing some drawings of his dream home, one with a second floor and terrace, but now that he finally had a job, he made sure that his father’s dream house would turn into reality.

The guy also shared that his colleagues told him that instead of investing in a house, Randy should consider starting a business as he can’t get any return on investment (ROI) from building a house in their province.

But although he knew that his colleagues have a point, considering that he is now working as a Property Specialist at Avida Land Corp., Manila. He just ignored their suggestions and decided to give way for his father’s dream.

Randy puts all his earnings into building their home in the province because for him, seeing the smiles on his parents’ faces is far better than pursuing his own dreams in life and the best ROI he received.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Pangarap talaga ng papa ko na maging two-story na my terrace ang bahay namin na tinitirahan, na minana pa n’ya sa magulang n’ya. Bata pa lang ako ay lagi kong nakikita papa ko na gumagawa ng blueprint ng dream house n’ya. Siguro mga tatlong beses ko siya nakita na gumagawa ng layout sa dream house n’ya. And praise God! Ang pangarap ng papa ko noon ay hindi na lang sa drawing ngayon kasi naging makatotohanan na. Nakulayan din sa wakas!”

“May isang successful person ako na narinig…sabi n’ya, siguro kung buhay pa ang magulang n’ya ngayon, lahat ng gustong kainin ibibigay n’ya; lahat ng hilingin, kung kaya, ay ibibigay n’ya. Siguro ngayon daw pinatayuan n’ya ng maayos na bahay kahit mansion pa. Kaso hindi na inabot ng magulang n’ya ‘yong pag-succeed niya.”

“Gusto ko ibigay sa magulang ko ‘yong gusto nilang pagkain na kaya pa nila lasahan at nguyain dahil hindi pa bawal. Gusto ko rin mapuntahan nila ‘yong ibang lugar na kaya pa nilang i-enjoy habang naglalakad. Gusto ko ma-enjoy nila ‘yong akyat-baba sa second floor ng bahay na pangarap nila, na hindi pa sumasakit ang tuhod…. Iba rin pala ‘pag pamilya or magulang mo ang naging inspirasyon mo kasi binibigay talaga ni Lord.”

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