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Filipino Street Food Stall in London Bags PhP24 Million After Winning BBC’s Reality TV Contest

Without a doubt, Filipino food is taking over the rest of the world and being deemed as an emerging cuisine. Overseas Filipino workers don’t have to look far to have a taste of home as Filipino restaurants are getting closer, being established abroad like the US, Australia, Canada, or the UK.

Just recently, a street food stall in London named BBQ Dreamz that offers a variety of delicious Filipino food has won a £350,000 investment (PhP24 million) on BBC Two’s reality TV contest, My Million Pound Menu. It bested fellow Londoners’ The Duck Truck and Leeds-hailing Jah Jyot.

Photo credit: Rosie Mirren / Standard UK

Its owner, Lee Johnson, is a Fil-Am born in the Philippines but is now based in London learned various Filipino recipes from his grandmother while growing up, which is why he decided to open BBQ Dreamz with his Irish partner Sinead Campbell way back in 2014.

Photo credit: Rosie Mirren / Standard UK

Being aware that they must adapt to the culinary tastes of their customers, the couple created a twist to the Filipino dishes and made it a point to adapt the classic Filipino foods with some of the Brits’ favorites.

Photo credit: Rosie Mirren / Standard UK

On BBQ Dreamz’s menu, you’ll find updates on some of Filipino’s classic foods such as lechon kawali which is served with coriander, celery, and radish. They also offer sticky adobo chicken wings which taste like “sweet and sour chicken adobo”, an unusual Filipino taste but the Brits love.

Photo credit: Rosie Mirren / Standard UK

According to reports, the food stall does not remain in one place – a common trend among many street food stalls in London. On some days, BBQ Dreamz can be found at the popular KERB street food markets across the city.

Photo credit: Rosie Mirren / Standard UK

On Wednesdays, it can be found at Paddington site; on Thursdays, at West India Quays; on Fridays, at King’s Cross Granary Square and; on Sundays, at non-KERB spot Brockley Market.

source: buzzooks

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