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Couple Got Matching Wedding Tattoos With The Word ‘Palagi’ Instead of Wedding Rings

Instead of the typical wedding ring, this newlywed couple is taking their commitment to the next level with a matching wedding ring tattoos that displayed their unwavering dedication to each other…

Newlyweds Mimi Miaco and John Paul Rivera’s wedding photos recently shared on Facebook by Moki Cruz Photography caught the attention of the netizens because of their unique matching wedding tattoos with the word “Palagi” instead of wedding rings.

Photo Credits: Moki Cruz Photography | Facebook

Thinking that the infinity symbol was too common to be used, the couple thought of a Tagalog word “Palagi” (when translated to English, means ‘Always’), and have it inked in their fingers.

Photo Credits: Moki Cruz Photography | Facebook

“When we were thinking of a ring design, [we thought] an infinity symbol was too common. And instead of choosing “forever” or “always,” we thought of a Tagalog word that had a good ring to it: “palagi.” My husband always jokes about what palagi meant for him: palaging taga-buhat, palaging taga-abot, and the list goes on! But really, it means always choosing each other.” Mimi Miaco shared in an interview with Female Network.

Photo Credits: Moki Cruz Photography | Facebook

She then added that it’s the symbol of their eternal love as they will forever have these matching tattoos on their hands.

Photo Credits: Moki Cruz Photography | Facebook

“If we’re talking about representing our commitment, the tattoos for us, just felt so right—even if we bathe, get sick… it’s with us.” Mimi said.

Photo Credits: Moki Cruz Photography | Facebook

According to Mimi, the tattoos were done by Kat Fallaria of Epidemic Tattoo in Santa Mesa, Manila, and they got their matching wedding tattoo for only Php 2,500.

Photo Credits: Moki Cruz Photography | Facebook

Aside from their unique tattoos, Mimi and John’s practical, but fun-filled wedding preparation also went viral on social media after their bridesmaids and best men took a photoshoot wearing their casual or “pambahay” clothes.

The couple also shared that they even encouraged their guest who attended their quirky, laid-back wedding to wear anything they like as there was no dress code for guests—not even for their entourage.

source: definitelyfilipino

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