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Check Out the Cafe Restaurant in Pampanga That Brags ‘Sub-Zero’ Temperature

Living in a tropical country that hasn’t seen snow, you must have had wished to fly abroad to experience the freezing cold at least once in your life. But with a newly built cafe restaurant located in Angeles City, Pampanga, you need not to go too far to experience all of it.

Image credits: Freeze-Kimo | Facebook Page

With just PhP200 as an entrance fee for adults and PhP120 for children aged 3-11 years old, you can already experience a “sub-zero” temperature that reaches as low as -15 degrees Celsius inside of the so-called “Freez-kimo”. Entrance is free for 2 years old and below.

Image credits: Freeze-Kimo | Facebook Page

When you get inside, you will experience the man-made snow. Just make sure to wear one of the restaurant’s thick coats to protect yourself from the very cold environment.

The idea of the cafe restaurant came from its Iranian owner, Mohammad Reza Derakhshani, and his Filipina wife, Antoneth Awayan. It started with their dream to bring winter to the Philippines.

Image credits: Freeze-Kimo | Facebook Page

“Me and my wife we decided to bring winter to Philippines because we know that there is no chance for Filipino people to experience winter coldness easily, other than fly to abroad,” Derakhshani explained.

Image credits: Freeze-Kimo | Facebook Page

Aside from the snow, there are different ice sculptures. According to Awayan, it requires them to turn on the electricity for an entire day to keep their shapes and forms.

“We have a lot of ice sculptures and images and tables and chairs are ice, so electricity should be 24 hours… Everyday our artists will come make some snow, make some images and do some fixing,” she said.

Image credits: Freeze-Kimo | Facebook Page

One of their famous gimmicks is giving out free coffee or hot chocolate with chocolate bars. If you want something more extreme to eat, you may order milk chocolate with ice cream, or drink from a glass made of ice.

source: abscbn

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