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Businessman Buys Ukay-Ukay Bundle for $24, Finds Wallet with More Than $4k Inside

Ukay-ukay stores are such a famous shopping destination in the Philippine where you can find secondhand apparels like clothes, bags, shoes, and even accessories. Why wouldn’t it be known? The items there are being sold at very cheap and bargained costs. It’s a total lifesaver for the ones who have tight pockets or those who are simply being frugal.

But aside from the Philippines, ukay-ukay is also popular in some parts of Asia including Malaysia. Just recently, a Malaysian guy got extremely lucky after buying an ukay-ukay bundle for a haggled price and accidentally finding lots of cash inside one of the clothing items!

Photo credits: World of Buzz

The lucky man who goes by the name Wan Mohamad Adam Wan Mohamed is a 29-year-old aspiring businessman. He was actually planning on opening his own thrift shop in Kampung Tualang Salak, Kelantan in Malaysia, which was why he went to a local warehouse where he could buy bundles of clothes.

Photo credits: World of Buzz

But as he was purchasing bundles of used apparel, he didn’t expect that would hit the jackpot right there and then! While sifting through the clothes he just bought, Mohamed chanced upon a wallet in one of the shorts. Much to his surprise, the black wallet was filled with cash!

Photo credits: World of Buzz

“I was shocked to see so much cash in it and after counting the money, I took some pictures and uploaded it on Facebook at 9.20pm,” the pleasantly surprised ukay-ukay businessman shared. “I’ve changed 450,000 yen into local currency (approx. RM16,800 or $4,150) and the rest will be kept as a memory. I will use the money to expand my business in the future.”

Photo credits: World of Buzz

While countless netizens expressed their envy for the lucky Mohamed, it is not new to hear stories about finding fortune from secondhand items. But unlike Mohamed, many of them chose to keep it private and only shared the good news with their closest family and friends. Now that the story is widely known, some were urging Mohamed to find the owner and return the money.

source: worldofbuzz

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